Do you have a skills, resources, and/or time you would like to contribute to this collective effort?

Your loving service is required to continue the cultivation of New Rising Sun Farm's blessed trajectory. Service comes in many forms of support, our ever evolving needs and offers we will be in a perpetual state of updating this page.

Our most immediate needs is for neighbors to cultivate a community supported garden with us. Click here for the details.

We are also asking for financial & material donations along with sets of skilled hands to build out infrastructure like classrooms and workshop facilities.

If you seek more details and clarification contact us at



Because everything is interdependent, there are no simple, single causes and effects. Every action creates not just an equal and opposite reaction, but a web of reverberating consequences.” Starhawk


Ways to Donate Resources:


Using the donation button you can make a direct input on our operations. Also , securities can be donated , which in the case of stocks with unrealized gains will produce additional tax savings to the donor.


Seeds, roots, and shoots, of edible, native, or heirloom varieties.  Animals (bees, chickens, fish, etc) anything suitable to live on a farm.


If you have experience that can be used in the development of our healing & growing spaces. we are open to your input. Come share at one of our events or send us a note regarding similar work you may have done and how you may be able to collaborate with us.


Present a workshop to teach a skill,  assisting us in creating a healing space, or share your wisdom at  an event or volunteer day. And you can always send us a note with your offerings.


Building materials, tools, books and reference materials, vehicles, real estate, electronic equipment


By coming to our events you build your own social capital as well as ours , you can be part of a developing community farm


Art, music, dance, storytelling. Share your expressions, how ever you do,  at one of our culture transmitting  events.


Your blessings and positive intentions mean the world to us keep them coming. Thank you