New Rising Sun Farms is a Michigan non for profit organization, whose mission it is to create places, programs, and models for people to transform their lives, heal the earth, & foster ecological and cultural regeneration with new and tried and true approaches to land use, health care, and education. We accomplish this through retreats, workshops, research, events, camps and individual consultations.

Our beautiful 108 acre farm provides the backdrop for our activities. This however is not your typical farm. Nestled comfortably next to the Vedanta Society’s  Vivikenanda monastery, as well as Mothers Trust Ashram in Ganges, Michigan, the magic of our land carries  much of its past sacredness including  five acres  of  Old Growth forest, populated  by massive beech, hickory, and oak trees, some of which are three or four hundred years old.  In addition to the forest, there are 50 acres of tillable land, which is being developed using an agroforestry model, combined with a network of ponds and waterways. Amongst this backdrop we are developing sacred gardens, outdoor classrooms, meditation and healing spaces, trail systems, music venues, research plots, and athletic fields.  We are blessed to have such a piece of land just one mile from the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan.

Although we are not specifically farmers, we have come to the realization that the farm is the ultimate venue, and it becomes a place for growers, healers, spiritual seekers, builders, artists, inventors, and co-creators of all varieties.

A quote from Masanobu Fukuoka typifies our approach:

“ The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of the human being.”

Our vision is creating a mecca for those wishing to be in a beautifully sacred natural spaces, while being involved in activities that relax, revitalize, entertain, and transmit culture allowing people to connect with the whole of who they are.